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Color Glow Plus Low Sheen Emulsion


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About Color Glow Plus Low Sheen Emulsion

General Details:
Color Glow Low Sheen Emulsion is a premium quality pure acrylic paint designed for long term durability on a variety of interior and exterior surfaces. Its beautiful low sheen finish makes it suitable for those hard use areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and children’s rooms as it is easy to wipe clean of dirt, oils and grease.

Approximately 350 – 400 sq ft per gal. Actual coverage may vary depending on substrate and application method.

Performance Features
Interior & exterior durability
Resistant to fungus, mildew and weathering
Very low odour
Easy application
Excellent scrubbability
High hiding
Excellent color retention
Resistant to cracking and peeling
Resistant to dirt, grease and oils